General Awareness Questions Answer for Exams 2014-15

Recent General Awareness and Current affairs in India for the students and candidate  who preparing for quiz or competitive exam like IBPS bank Exam. This document will be very helpful for them to prepare for the exam, We welcome all of your comment regarding the guide and ideas for future update.

General Awareness December 2014 2nd Week

  • Sri Lankan Navy has captured 16 Tamil Nadu Fishermen while they were fishing in the sea.
  • Pope Francis has given sainthood to Father Kuriyakose Elias and Sister Epirasiya in Vatican. These two saints belong to Kerala State India.
  • Central Minister for Human welfare Development Department Smirti Rani has said that the language Sanskrit cannot be Compelled in Kendriya Vidhyala Schools.
  • After begun of Parliamentary Winter Season, the houses were given condolences for the Former Central Minister Murali Thiyaro, the others who died then two houses were adjourned.
  • The Three Member committee for Mulai Periyar Dam Members has visited and acknowledged that there is no leakage in the Baby dam.
  • Tamil Nadu Chief Minister O. Pannerselvam has written a letter to Narendra Modi regarding to release the 38 fishermen and 78 fishing boats, who captured by Sri Lankan Government.
  • In the History of Kashmir and Jharkhand elections, these two states has registered highest number of votes registered than previous year and it was 71 % in Kashmir and 62 % in Jharkhand. These two states elections were held peacefully.
  • Chennai High Court has ordered to Chief Of investigation Committee for the granite scam Mr. Saghayam to submit the report regarding the granite scam.
  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi has started the Bus transport between Kathmandu (Nepal) to New Delhi ( India) and signed of 12 important agreement between these countries.
  • The opposite party in parliamentary started the Black Money issue and terminated the house.
  • Chief Election Commissioner V. S. Sambath has announced the Bi Election date for Sri rangam State Legislative Assembly will announce in the month January.
  • The 18th SAARC Summit was held in Kathmandu (Nepal). Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed and asked support to stand against the terror from the SAARC Member Countries.
  • In the Ongoing year for 7 months the investors’ accounts has increased as 1.97 lakhs.
  • Indian Cotton Committee has said that percent of Indian Cotton Product has increased 37 % in international Cotton Products.
  • Central Minister for Industrial and Economic Development Nirmala Seetharaman has written a statement in the house regarding the target for current year in export has fixed as 34 thousand Crore Dollar.
  • Finance Minister Arun Jatly has said that the black money holders name will announced after collecting the information and details about them.
  • India officially said that no meeting has arranged between Modi and Nawas Sheriff in the SAARC submits.
  • Narendra Modi conveys his regards to Rajapaksha for the election of president in Sri Lanka in the SAARC submit.
  • Central Government has said to Supreme Court that the language of Sanskrit will be in kendriyala Schools From 6th Standard to 8th Standard.
  • The 18th SAARC Submit committee which was held in Kathmandu Nepal has ended and they SAARC Member signed regarding to transport the electricity.
  • Australian Batsman Philp Hughes has accidentally Died in hospital due to the attack of Bouncer ball in his neck.
  • 10 people were killed in the Military basement attack which is held in Kashmir.
  • Central Minister Pon. Radhakrishnan has said that a report has send to Environment Committee regarding to change the Sethu Samathiram Route.
  • Former Central Minister G.K. Vasan has started a new party and the name has announced as “Tamil Nadu Congress” in the Trichy Meeting.
  • Central Government has announced that Thiruvalluvar day will celebrate in grand manner from next year in the northern states.
  • Supreme Court has objected strictly to central government for bringing the Sanskrit language in the middle academic year in the Kendra vidhyalaya schools.
  • Prime minister Narendra Modi has said that to give a modern facilities to the passengers the Indian railway stations has going to given to private sectors. Atmost 12 places has choosen to give in private sectors.
  • Human Welfare Development Minister Smirti Rani has said that the books of Bharathiar and Thiruvalluvar will be introduce in all schools.
  • Tamil Nadu Legislative Council secretary A.M.B. Jamaludhin has announced Natham R. Vishwanathan is the representative for the ministers in house.
  • Health Minister Vijay Bhaskar has suddenly investigate the Dharmapuri Government Hospital due to the 12 children death.
  • Home Minister Rajnath Singh has blamed Pakistan is under the terrorist and spoiling the Indian country.

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