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  1. I am FITTER. Apprentic ande two years expieriance.NCT, NAC.PLUS TWO and DCA computer

  2. I forget my password and userid…..what can i do sir

    1. Hi Praveena,

      We have already share one method of recover the forgotten password. This is another method of the password recovery, try and let us know so it will help for other users

      SMS to 537252 in the format of KPSC RST USERID DOB


  3. I forgot my onetime registration ID and Password. How can I get my Hall ticket?

    1. Hi Geetha,
      To get your password visit http://psc.kerala.gov.in/kpsc/forgotpasswd.php

      Enter your username, DOB Unique ID and Type the captcha your password will be sent your registered email ID.

  4. iam forget my user name& password what can i do sir

  5. I am diploma tool and die ,but pending paper.what can I do a job

  6. I forgot to logout the account.This time i cant open my account.It shows that multiple user cannot accessed.How can open my account sir?

    1. Hi Anju and Siva, We have already shared the how to reset your password or get back your lost password in Kerala PSC Official portal, Please follow the above steps.

  7. i forgot my password and username.and i have not complited the regitrations form details like phone number and id proof details.is there any way which i could use the account created?if not what i can do further? please do reply

    1. I doesn’t how you forgot your ID proof. ID proof is which is submitted by you like Driving license or PAN and some other, So check once again, You will get your ID Proof, If you get your ID proof reset your password by following the above steps.


  8. I want to change my date of birth in one time registration..what is the procedure ?

  9. hai!i got my password receted .a million thanks

  10. i lost my user name & password

    1. I lost my user name& password what can i do sir

      1. You can Follow one of the method shared in this post to get your lost password back

  11. I am lastgrade rankholder supplylist 6(OX cat….)when will i get job

  12. I am not able to submit my secretariat assistant application?

    1. Hi Anitha, What error you are getting?

  13. electronic mechanic (2years)post it TV tech(1years) 1years apprentice. 2 years exp.techno park (noratel)

  14. I lost my password

  15. I forgot my user id and password

  16. results of following catagories:
    excise preventive officer
    junior assiatant board /corporation

  17. i lost my user id and password….. pls help me to find it…. 🙂

    1. Nazreen, Kindly follow the steps provided in the post you will get it.

  18. Sir, l registerd with thulasi one time registration. But can’t login . I’ve tried from laptop and 2 mobile phones. Know my user id and password. Pls help me

    1. lakshmy, Reset your Password

  19. I can’t login in .which shows my userid &password are invalid. .wat “ll I do? ?

    1. Arya, Reset your password, So you Can login again watch the tutorial for more info

  20. I cant access the psc login page..im also registerd to psc online..how can i access the login page..pls say the login website..i cant access thulasi.com&that server is timed out

    1. Please watch the Tutorial Video shared

  21. jominjoy77@gmail.

  22. Iam forget my user id and password

  23. does user id diff for dept test and one time registratn

    1. No Swapna, User ID will be the same for all dept test and one time registration

  24. i have forgot my both userid and password. how can i login again. pls give me a solution

    1. If you forgot your userID then send in this below format, you will get your USERNAME.
      Type KL USR send SMS to 9223166166 or 51969 or 166

  25. sir,

    I forgot my password and user ID .what will i do?please help me ……….my number also forgot.please help meee sirrr

    1. If you Don’t have any details, we cant do anything. Atleast do You have your email-ID?

  26. Is it necessary to change the profile photo yearly?

  27. I have completed my plustwo vhse computer science and what type psc test can i apply id liketo apply for LAB TECHNICAL ASSISATANT TEST WHEN CAN I APPLY FOR TJAT TEST PLEASE HELP ME

  28. Forgotten the user id and password for kerala psc one time registration

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